Satan’s Bike

August 16, 2007

I wish i would have seen this link before i brought my Ninja!! Man this bike looks damn sexy. Read about it here


How many faces do you see?

August 16, 2007

How many faces do you see in this pic?


Beginners guide to lock picking

August 16, 2007

Sorry about my 2nd posting on lock picking, I can’t resist the urge to dig more on lock picking and i came across this cool (at least nice) article on lock picking. You can access this article here

iPhone competitors or killers

August 16, 2007

I like iPhone but i didn’t like the idea of closed environment and been tied to one provider. For the money i huge money i pay why not i get a unlocked phone that i could use it with any provider? Anyways i was looking for iPhone alternatives and amazed about these gadgets that look so alike iPhone and some with more advance features like the the Deeda Pi Phone

More at this link


August 16, 2007

This is a very nice video i came across recently, The guys has used all his stuff in his house to create this rumble check it out here

Alternative pointing device: Foot mouse!! sounds fetishists

August 16, 2007

yeah you heard it right this is a foot mouse and it can be helpful to people who are fetishists or people with carpal tunnel syndrome. More on this at this link

Lock Bumping!!

August 16, 2007

Recently i came across this article that talk about lock bumping a Medeco locks which are supposed to be highly secured locks used in Fed buildings. I am amazed to know the fact tat bump keys can unlock many locks!!. You can access the link here

lock bumping

For more info on lock bumping check this web site

Police cars around the world

August 9, 2007

I was always curious on whats gadgets cops have and how the cops car look in different country. If you are curious too you can check them out here. BTW this is the cools cop car i liked in the list

Man doges Taxes For 10 Years and Wins In Federal District Court too

August 9, 2007

This guy is my new inspiration. I couldn’t imagine how he managed with out paying taxes for 10 years check this link on what loophole he used to stay away from tax

McDonald’s Menu Around the World

August 9, 2007

Good morning, welcome to McDonald’s. May I have your order please?

So you think you know the McDonald’s menu like the back of your hand? Think again. From McDonald’s international, here are some menu items you have probably never tried before.

Check this link for the menu items